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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Had To

Just another quick story from work.

Friday afternoon after work I was walking with my boss towards the parking lot. We were making idle chit-chat and he asked me what I would be doing this weekend.

"I'll probably doing some running. I've got a race at the end of the month."
"What, like a 5k?" he asked.
"Uh... not quite. It's a 100k."
"Oh. How far is your leg?" he asked.
I was confused.
"How far is your leg?" he asked again, enunciating it more.
"I don't understand."
"What part of that do YOU run? It's a relay, right?"
"Uh... no..."

Just thought that was a funny exchange, had to share it.


  1. I like it when you can see them calculating the distance...and when they get it they say..."That's crazy!!"

  2. Yeah, that metric conversion leads to some amusing pauses in conversation. And then the outbursts start. :)